The Magician’s Desk

The Magician's Desk

Take a seat at The Magician's Desk where you will discover the secrets that lie hidden at the back of the drawer.

A place of trickery and intrigue, where magic and illusions are triggered as part of an intimate personal experience.

Commissioned by the Arts Council Digital Futures fund through ished to research the use of pervasive media technologies in recreating magical illusions from the1860s – 1920s. The Magician's Desk has toured to Watershed, Bristol, Bristol Old Vic (Ferment), d-construct Brighton and Shift Happens in York.

"I loved the interactive element and felt like I was part of the illusion."

Audience member. Watershed, Bristol

"Another highlight was the fabulous Magician's Desk, a free installation by Mercurial Wrestler. It is a single person affair and involves being taken down into the depths of the Bristol Old Vic. There follows a series of quests for you to complete (like a Victorian Crystal Maze), involving magic and illusion. 'The voice' talks to you, whilst the tasks and props play on your imagination, fear and intrigue, as you find yourself 'oooing and wowing' pottering about the little, musty room."

Helen Martin, Suit Yourself Magazine, on The Magician's Desk